53. Chengdu Living (English 英文版)

September 2, 2016
Scott and Phil had a great time this week chatting long time Chengdu resident from the US Charlie to the studio. Charlie works as a Web Designer and has been living in Chengdu for 11 years. His experiences here made for great conversation. He is the creator of the very popular website www.chengduliving.com . Check it out and see the contributions of all the people enjoying life here in this "Western" China paradise.

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August 26, 2016


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51. Learn To Love The Process (English 英文版)

August 19, 2016
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It's 第三眼 The Third Eye Podcast's One Year Anniversary! In this episode, Scott & Phil chat about Scott's thesis topic, Recycling in China, but as per usual in The Third Eye Podcast, topics bounce around and touch on their many accumulated experiences here. Podcasts sans guest are rare, but quite enjoyable. Thanks so much to the audience for your massive support.

As always, special thanks to John Devlin of Contraplans for the music, you can check out all of his releases at https://contraplans.bandcamp.com/

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50. 奉子成婚

August 12, 2016


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49. The Mindset of The Fighter

August 5, 2016

On today's podcast Scott & Phil invite Kunlun Fighting Gym owner Ali to discuss training in China. Ali educates the hosts about proper fight preparation along with the different attitudes fighters take to get in shape, how they cut weight, and how they keep the mindset to persevere. Additionally, Ali shares his perspective as a Libyan on the western intervention over the past five years. 

Thanks as always to John Devlin for the music, check him out here: https://contraplans.bandcamp.com/ 

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48. 婆媳关系造成了四场婚礼

July 29, 2016

这集第三眼节目高睿和从云第一次邀请一个匿名的嘉宾来。为啥?因为她很勇敢的陈述了她的很多私事,包括和她的婆婆的关系。她最近结婚了,但是因为她的婆婆,所以办了四场婚礼。怎么可能呢?欢迎来收听 :)

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47. I Can’t Believe How Wrong I Was About China (English 英文版)

July 22, 2016

Today, Scott's family have arrived! 家人来了!Younger brother Adam & Cousin Paul join Scott & Phil to talk about a range of topics. Starting with another look at Brexit from a couple of lads who were in the center of London when the vote happened, and then of course their experience of just arriving in China and their initial impression. Like most, their expectations were exceeded :)

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46. 母亲从未对我说过“我爱你”

July 15, 2016

这个星期,高睿和从云邀请他们中国朋友Jerry来讨论。这期节目我们聊了成都的经济以及居民精神世界的发展,中医,心态对生活的影响以及孩子与家庭的关系等等。。。哦,不要忘了,Pokemon! 有兴趣吗?欢迎你们收听!

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45. The Future is More Than Just Sexbots (English 英文版)

July 8, 2016

Today's guest Jonny Anderson brought a lot of fire to this week's podcast, bringing his perspective as a video producer on the fascinating world of virtual reality and how it is likely to change our lives in the near & distant future. 

But first, Brexit! Being 第三眼 podcast's resident Brit, Scott talks about how Brexit has been the single most divisive political event of his lifetime. 

And as per usual, Phil's baldness takes center stage as it rises up like the Sun over the horizon. 

Check Out Jonny's Video Project Panda Bros

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44. 包不包容同志?

July 1, 2016

42集的嘉宾Ben回来啦!这次我们聊的是“在中国当一位同志到是什么滋味呢?” 跟美国和英国相比呢?成都为什么被称作“同志的天堂”呢?


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