73. The Real Meaning of Hotpot (English 英文版)

January 23, 2017

Today`s guest is the founder of Chengdu Food Tours Jordan Porter (www.chengdufoodtours.com). This was a really fun discussion about how Chengdu natives truly shine when it comes to sitting down at the dinner table. Most people go to the Pandas, Jinli, Kuanzhaixiangzi, and other Chengdu sites when coming to this big western China metropolis, but they likely would miss what really is the charm of Chengdu if they don`t see some of the hidden gems hidden in the world of Sichuan cuisine.

To learn more or book your own tour, go to www.chengdufoodtours.com

Music, as always, is provides by Contraplans, who just came out with a new Album "No One Is Listening" that can be found on Bandcamp: https://contraplans.bandcamp.com/album/no-one-is-listening


72. 2016的回顾,2017的方向

January 13, 2017

高睿和从云一起讨论2016年的大事, 还有谈一谈第三眼2017年的安排。

主持人微博:@Scott 高睿 @Phil 从云


71. What if 2016 Wasn’t So Bad? (English 英文版)

January 6, 2017

Scott & Phil discuss the idea that 2016 was "the worst year ever" from the perspective of living the past year in Chengdu as well as how 2017 is likely to be a very exciting year over in the middle kingdom. Reflection and planning in the comfort of the Chengdu smog, what more could you want? 

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70. 创女时代

December 30, 2016



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69. Open To The New (English 英文版)

December 23, 2016

This week's episode has two of Chengdu's longer term expat's, Brendan Forde and Heinz Martin Breuer. They are currently working on an art gallery located right next the Shangri La Hotel on Shuijingtang called "Division". 

What inspires the creation of art? Is there such a thing as "western" art and "eastern" art? Why has Chengdu been a surprisingly suitable place for these two artists to express their work? 

To follow either of these guys and learn more about Division, you can add their WeChat: 

Brendan: brendanforde

Marty: heinzmartin

To visit the art gallery "Division": 


Chengdu Shuijingtang next to Lenbach Restaurant & Across from the Shangri La Hotel Mooney's Bar

Host's Weibo: @Scott高睿  @Phil从云 


68. 超模世界

December 16, 2016

每个美女曾经想过当世界超模, 本季《第三眼播客》非常荣幸请到世界超模高子钧“高高”分享时尚行业最高层的幕后机密以及她自己变成超模的故事。 没想到的是这位超高超棒的美丽姑娘同样也能在内心方面如此感动我们或带来这么大的生活正能量。


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67. More Fun (English 英文版)

December 9, 2016

This week's guest Camilo is one of the four owners of Chengdu's new concept fitness gym "More Fun". Originally from Norway, Camilo is much like similar to Scott & Phil in the sense of being a man who has chosen to move his life and his passions far from home to the land of opportunity that is Chengdu. 

Besides having incredible English (and not bad Chinese!) for a man who learned it as a second language, Camilo is an expert on the human body and how it relates to both physical and mental health. In the episode topics ranged from the nature of consciousness to how death affects our outlook on our current life. We also of course spoke at length about how to have the most effective and efficient workout possible in only 30 minutes, which is of course what More Fun in Chengdu offers.


Follow MoreFun on their WeChat Official Account (微信公众号): MFfitness

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66. Master Chef (中文版 Chinese)

December 4, 2016



要吃他做的菜吗?那就可以去成都太古里的高宅餐厅 “The Upper Gallery"


65. Chengdu Beer (English 英文版)

November 25, 2016

Scott & Phil have a chat with one of Chengdu's household names, Dieter. Dieter is the owner of The Beer Nest 1 & 2, as well as being involved in numerous other projects around Chengdu such as More Magazine, Chengdu Expat, and his most popular Chengdu Beer. The entrepreneurial landscape in Chengdu has fascinated Scott & Phil for years, so it was no hard task to find a lot to talk about with Dieter.

Follow Chengdu-Expat on WeChat: Chengdu-Expat or go to their website at www.chengdu-expat.com

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64. 特朗普居然当选

November 18, 2016


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